SCB Julius Baer cultivates future business leaders emphasizing sustainability and social impact

SCB Julius Baer Securities Co., Ltd. (SCB Julius Baer) has advanced its “The New Wave of Wealth” strategy which focuses on delivering comprehensive wealth management solutions to high-net-worth clients in Thailand. Their first-of-its-kind next generation program, “The 45 Academia,” bring participants to an exclusive training experience amidst the breathtaking scenery of Grindelwald, Switzerland. The training focused on Diverse Asset Investment, Succession Planning, and Climate Solutions, underscoring SCB Julius Baer's commitment to nurturing future leaders who can positively impact society.

Ms. Lalitphat Toranavikrai, Chief Executive Officer of SCB Julius Baer Securities Co., Ltd., emphasized The 45 Academia's goal of delivering value through investment education saying, “This program aims to foster future leaders who can drive positive societal change. Climate change is undeniably one of the pressing issues we need to resolve globally. Our focus on environmental awareness, social responsibility, and good governance principles allows them to apply these essential principles not only at the individual level, but also in their businesses. It is important for us to equip these leaders to with knowledge of how to ensure a legacy that resonates with enduring impact.”

Mr. Jean-Damien Bogner, Lead Climate Strategy at Bank Julius Baer highlighted the impactful experience of the course amidst Grindelwald mountains. He commented, “The collective efforts in “The 45 academia” program demonstrates the power of innovation for sustainable projects and personal fulfilment. As the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, the participants can play a crucial role in the mitigation of climate change. They are able to refine the sustainability practices in their companies and accelerate adoption of better practices in their industry by leading the change to better climate practices. Moreover, as individuals, their influence extends to reshaping daily decisions, such as modes of transportation and dietary preferences. By setting an illustrative precedent through their actions, they inspire their families, friends, and associates to follow suit. This program exemplifies how the power of collaboration can make a difference and spark the implementation of sustainable projects and businesses, creating a more meaningful world.”


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