SCB Julius Baer hosts exclusive workshop. Empowering business heirs as Leaders of Tomorrow - Driving ESG awareness to deliver sustainable value to society

SCB-Julius Baer Securities Co., Ltd. (SCB Julius Baer) is advancing to capture the high-net-worth market in Thailand, transforming future business heirs into Leaders of Tomorrow by providing them with comprehensive wealth management knowledge. A recent exclusive workshop underscored the significance of sustainability, featuring insights from Thailand’s prominent experts at DTGO Corporation Limited. Delving into the top ten global trends to monitor by 2030, the session emphasized collective responsibility in addressing challenges to pave the way for a brighter future. Advocating for 'sustainnovation'—the fusion of innovation and sustainability—the workshop highlighted the imperative of proactive innovation in tackling forthcoming challenges. It underscored the pursuit of a higher quality of life, fostering social, environmental, and economic sustainability for future generations.

Simultaneously, the workshop provided an opportunity for participants to explore firsthand how technology and innovation are leveraged to optimize real estate management within "The Forestias" project—an endeavor that champions innovation for holistic well-being, spanning from foundational construction to life-long care. SCB Julius Baer expects that this initiative will ignite and inspire the next generation of business leaders to apply their expertise toward creating impactful societal changes across all dimensions.

The event boasted distinguished attendees, including Peerapong Jirasevijinda, Chief Executive Officer of SCB-Julius Baer Securities Co., Ltd.; Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee Chairperson at DTGO Corporation Limited; Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Chief of Foresight and Digital Asset, FutureTales Lab, DTGO ; and Assoc. Prof. Singh Intrachooto, Ph.D. Chief Advisor, Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) by MQDC, who recently graced the event held at the DTGO Campus.

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