Julius Baer welcomes SCB Julius Baer The 45 Academia participants to its Swiss headquarters

SCB-Julius Baer Securities Co., Ltd. (SCB Julius Baer) continues to advance its "The New Wave of Wealth" strategy, aimed at addressing the diverse needs of the high and ultra-high net worth segment in Thailand. As part of this commitment, the company recently facilitated a visit to its Zurich-based headquarters for the members of its "The 45 Academia" program. The objective was clear: to offer a foundational understanding of global wealth management practices and to identify emerging ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.” Julius Baer's seasoned executives provided valuable insights from their extensive journey in the wealth management sector. With a legacy that spans over 130 years, Julius Baer has navigated the ebb and flow of global financial landscapes, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The visit to the headquarters introduced "The 45 Academia" participants to the "JB Young Investors Community". This initiative is not just about nurturing emerging talent but also identifying and fostering the leaders of tomorrow. It promotes collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and holistic personal and professional growth. Beyond the numbers, it underscores the significance of building durable, trust-based relationships, and fostering a shared vision for the future. These principles resonate deeply with both firms, emphasising not only wealth creation but also its ethical and sustainable transition across generations.

Facilitating the discussions and interactions during the visit were Julius Baer Group's CEO, Mr. Philipp Rickenbacher (4th from left), and SCB Julius Baer's Head of Wealth Management, Mr. Adrian Mazenauer (3rd from right), who also oversees The 45 Academia Program. Their presence highlighted the importance of preparing the next generation to take on the financial challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


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